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Effect of Narrow-Band Ultraviolet B Phototherapy and Methotrexate on MicroRNA...
Conclusion. The expression of miRNA146a is increased in whole blood samples from psoriasis patients, so we can evaluate its possibility to work as ...

Rates of Cardiovascular Disease and Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events in Pa...
Conclusions: The rates of CVD and MACE were slightly higher in the patients with PsA compared to the patients without PsA. Among the patients with ...

Bone remodeling in psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis: an update
This article reviews and outlines recent advances in the field of bone remodeling in psoriatic disease and identify avenues for further research. R...

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What is Psoriasis?


What is psoriasis and how does a person get this troublesome skin problem? When a person finds himself diagnosed with this problem, the question "what is psoriasis?" will certainly pop up. In a nutshell, psoriasis is actually a skin condition that a person gets through heredity, and it often results in the emergence of lesions, scabs, scaly skin, dandruff-like flakes and even dry-cracked skin on different parts of the body.

The questions "what is psoriasis" and "what can be done with psoriasis" can be easily answered by a doctor. Basically, psoriasis is a skin ailment that afflicts around 2% of the American population, and it is incurable. However, it is treatable with different kinds of medication to keep the lesions, flakes and dry skin from becoming too much of a hassle to deal with or simply just too unsightly. Doctors who are asked "what is psoriasis" will give patients who ask this question the appropriate answers to help them understand the disease and its consequences. They will also recommend different kinds of treatments that can help get the scaling and the inflammation down to a minimum.

The treatments that can be given to psoriasis patients include topical creams and ointments, as well as oral medications like pills, tablets and light treatments that may include substances with sunblock properties. These different kinds of treatments are all dependent on the kind of psoriasis a person has and the severity of the problem. While these may be effective in one way or another, not every person diagnosed with a certain type of psoriasis will get the kind of treatment that can work well with his problems.

The question of "what is psoriasis" can also be answered if you try to find out the different types of psoriasis that a lot of people are currently experiencing. One of the most common types of psoriasis is scalp psoriasis. This kind of psoriasis can even be easily mistaken as an extreme case of dandruff, although it is one variant of the skin problem called psoriasis. However, this is treatable with the same kind of medication that dandruff sufferers use, including shampoos with ketoconazole or selenium sulfide as the active ingredients for getting rid of the flakes that are generated by this illness. Another type that is rarer and may occur after a bout with strep throat is guttate psoriasis. This kind of psoriasis usually afflicts a person before he or she is thirty years old, and it is represented by reddish lesions that may dot the person's body. These and a few more variations of the disease can certainly give you a better idea of "what is psoriasis".

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