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Secukinumab Distributes into Dermal Interstitial Fluid of Psoriasis Patients ...
(Source: Experimental Dermatology)

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Proactive treatment with calcipotriol reduces recurrence of plaque psoriasis
Abstract Topical calcipotriol is a widely used treatment for plaque?type psoriasis worldwide, and has been shown to improve psoriatic plaques as we...

Multidisciplinary dermatology?rheumatology management for patients with moder...
Abstract The aim of the study was to analyze the efficacy and satisfaction of multidisciplinary dermatology?rheumatology management for pa...

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How Psoriasis Pictures Show the Effects of the Skin Problem?


Not a lot of people really know what psoriasis is or what it can do to a person who has it. If you want to learn more about psoriasis, you can take a look at psoriasis pictures that will show the effects of the disease and also the results of the treatments. However, the effects shown on different psoriasis pictures vary because everyone is affected by the disease in different ways.

Depending on the severity of the case, people shown in psoriasis pictures often exhibit huge changes in their appearances before and after treatments are administered. In the ‘before’ picture, it is shown how the disease ravaged their skin with scabs, flaky and thick scales, and red, inflamed areas or patches. However, the ‘after’ psoriasis pictures will show that the condition of the skin after treatments have been done, and they often show smooth and healthy skin that has no trace of the psoriasis.

The psoriasis pictures that you see online can be somewhat disturbing to those who have no idea about what the disease can do, and those who have never seen psoriasis may even wonder how the disease can cause such skin damage. The psoriasis pictures that can be found online show the usual parts of the body where people get these unsightly marks and flakes, and how some of these breakouts can change a person's appearance.

There are psoriasis pictures that show how a person once looked, normal and with clear skin, and how the disease has changed his appearance and what happens if he leaves the disease untreated. Through these pictures, you will see that the person looks like somebody else, not the man he used to appear to be, and the change is in the rough and flaky skin that he now has on his face. These psoriasis pictures should help educate people about what the illness can do and what should be done to help those who suffer from it make adjustments to treat the disease. They also offer advice on how people should get some help to avoid the rather unsightly results that untreated skin with psoriasis brings.

You can also see the many different kinds of psoriasis in these pictures. There are photographs that show a person having extremely thick, silvery flakes on his head, somewhat akin to dandruff. There are also people who have really nasty red inflamed parts on their bodies due to the disease. There are also pictures that show lesions on fingers, knees, elbows, buttocks, and other areas of the human body that are susceptible to such occurrences.

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