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The Definition and Effects of Pustular Psoriasis


One of the rarer types of psoriasis is pustular psoriasis. This kind of psoriasis is probably one of the most troublesome or unsightly among the different variations of the disease since the lesions and bumps that are present on a person's skin are actually filled with pus. When a person is inflicted with pustular psoriasis, he will have numerous bumps on his skin that will look like small white, raised dots. These dots are white due to the presence of the pus inside, and the changes that the disease makes on a person's skin are usually evident after the bumps dissipate.

When a person is afflicted with pustular psoriasis, he will also get red patches on his skin before the white pustules emerge. These patches will then progress to become bumps and then they will turn into scaly and dry patches of skin. The stages of pustular psoriasis can be divided into three groups, namely, the sudden or acute, the long term or chronic, and the kind that is a combination of both which is called subacute. Pustular psoriasis can happen due to different possible causes. One reason that is cited is the intake or use of systemic steroids which is followed by a sudden discontinuation of the use of these drugs. They can also be associated with the use of other medications or drugs like salicylic acid compounds, iodine, anti-depressants and even penicillin. Any of these can trigger the occurrence of this kind of psoriasis.

Other reasons that are cited as possible causes for getting pustular psoriasis include certain infections, pregnancy and the use of topical solutions that are way too strong or somewhat irritating. It can also be caused by a condition called Hypocalcemia where the person who is afflicted suffers from low calcium levels in his body. Sometimes, people who are suffering from the problem do not know the exact reasons for the disease, and they are left with the task of getting general treatments for the pustules that emerge.

Symptoms and effects of pustular psoriasis include chills, fever, headache, nausea, decreased appetite and even joint pain. The pustules and redness that come with this illness will show a few hours after the initial symptoms manifest themselves, and these are usually found in areas where the skin is folded, like in the crotch area, the buttocks or anal area, and other parts of the body. While these pustules rarely appear on a person's face, there is a tendency for these irritating growths to appear on a person's tongue and under a person's nails.

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